Please see our price list below for our Professional Dog Grooming services.


Short Haired Breed


Dog Size

Wash & Blow Dry Full Groom (Adult Dog) Full Groom (Puppy)
Small Dog €15 €25 €25
Medium Dog €20 €35


Large Dog €25 €40 €25


Long Haired Breeds


Dog Size Wash & Blow Dry Mini Groom Full Groom (Adult Dog) Full Groom (Puppy)
Small Dog €20 €30 €50 €25
Medium Dog €25 €35 €60 €30
Large Dog €30 €40 €70-€80* €30

 * Full Grooms for Long haired large dogs are priced between €70 and €80, the price depends on the condition of the dogs coat and if there are any matts, as a general rule, dogs who are regularly brushed and their coat is in good condition would be priced at €70 etc., but don't worry we will tell you the price when you drop your dog in for grooming so there are no nasty surprises.


Nail Clip & Ear Clean Only - €10.00

Nail Clip Only - €5.00

Ear Clean Only - €8.00


For information on what each specific groom entails please see the "Our Services/Products" section


Dog Sizing Examples


Short Haired Breeds

Small - Jack Russell, Chihuahua etc.

Medium - Beagle etc.

Large - Labrador etc.


Long Haired Breeds

Small - Yorkie, Shih Tzu, Westie, Mini Schnauzer etc.

Medium - Collie, Springer Spaniel, Cockapoo etc.

Large - Retriever, Labradoodle etc.


If you are unsure what size dog you have just get in contact with us here and we will be able to advise further.